Book Release – M.W. Innes-Jones – Concealment

It is with immense pleasure and pride that we announce the release of M.W. Innes-Jones’ first novel “Concealment”.

M.W. Innes-Jones has spent over twenty years working in the medical and pharmaceutical industries undertaking some interesting roles, including IT delivery. When he isn’t doing this, he writes. Along the way he has survived a 9.1 earthquake, lived in the Rocky Mountains, scuba-dived the Pacific, swam an Ironman or two, visited St Catherine’s Monastery and skied in the Alps – a lot. CONCEALMENT is his debut novel and is the first of a series of six. The next in the series he is busy moulding into form; look for this instalment, planned to be out within the next year.

Cover Concealment

Our genes: will they be our hope or our undoing?

Three centuries from now humanity has made its last stand ­– a city high in the Swiss Alps, a place of safety and security from a deadly past. This is the reality of Nathanial Paquette’s life and it has been this way for the whole of his sheltered twenty-one years. But with a knock at the family’s apartment door everything changes. Now he must face an uncertain future and unexpected truth – he is genetically altered, and what really matters is what lies hidden within his blood.

Together with eleven others, Paquette finds not only does he have to navigate the competing agendas of the city’s ruling council and a corrupt man of science, but survive the rigorous training he and his fellow recruits find themselves faced with.

It’s a world where friendships are forged, enemies are made, and death awaits – ever wanting to become everyone’s new best friend.

Concealment – book one of a six part series which follows Nathanial and his fellow internees through a world of deception and lies. Where the dark underbelly of power and science meet, threatening at every turn.

Available online now through Amazon:



2017 – Is This the Year We’ve All Been Waiting For?


What challenges and goals have you set for yourself ? Will this be the year that you finally get around to writing that novel ? Are you going to put those poems into a collection for others to enjoy ? Do you need to get down to the library to start that research ? Is that night class on this year you put off the last few years that you always wanted to do ?


At the Bach Doctor Press, we have started the year editing and proofreading two projects that we hope are published later this year, with another three projects waiting in the wings. Join us and we will keep you up to date with some of our adventures and happenings as we journey through this exciting, humourous, positive year of change.


Make this the year that you start to pull your dreams together and bring them into reality ! After all, there is only one person holding you back !

The Bernard Johns Search Continues

Thanks to Natasha Laidlaw and the Horowhenua Chronicle for writing and publishing this article, and as a fantastic result we have already uncovered the missing house that Bernard Johns had designed in 1975!

The real bonus was that I was contacted tonight by another reader who had commissioned Bernard to design the entrance gate to their property, which incorporated their family crest. I hope to get up there soon to take photos – perhaps that’s an assignment for Ted Hughes.

If anyone else knows of any more Bernard Johns designs, please contact Darin on either:

Phone: 022 306 3859            or


BWJ Article Horowhenua Chronicle 18Mar16

Writers Week in Wellington – Robert Dessaix on Enid Blyton


Saturday night saw us gathering at the Dowse Art Museum to listen to that ‘naughty show pony’ Robert Dessaix, the Australian novelist, essayist and journalist, describe his lasting influences of a childhood reading the enchanting tales of Enid Blyton.

Robert’s flamboyant humour peppered his insightful commentary which left his audience much to ponder as he regaled us all with the themes of being transported on fun, daring adventures, winning over enemies, feasting on sugary treats and lashings of ginger beer, before returning home with Dick, Fanny and the gang.

Catch Robert if he comes to a town near you, you won’t be disappointed!



Media Board

media board crop

Here are a few of the articles on our office ‘Media Board’ from the traditional press showing the journey of research through to publication – the links to some are below:

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Upper Hutt Leader  – page 9 – “Family Keen to Finalise Search” – 21st January 2015

Wellington Boys College magazine the “Lampstand” page 58 – ( #24 – October 2014)


Kapiti News – page 4- “Project finishes new book” 22nd December 2015 &

page 31 “Glossy book salutes local architect” 20th January 2016



Meet Erin O’Loan – Our Grammar Queen!

Erin O'Loan

Erin O’Loan – Copy Editor & Proof Reader

Kia Ora Koutou,

I am an experienced primary school teacher and for many years I have specialised in working with students with special teaching needs.  I have a passion for words and language (my partner would say obsession), as well as social justice and animal rights.  I grew up in Tauranga, and now live with my partner and daughter in Dunedin.  I enjoyed proof-reading Bernard Winton Johns – Five Decades of His Architecture, and hope that others will find my services helpful.

Nga Mihi,

Erin O’Loan


  • Graduate Diploma in the Education of Students with Special Teaching Needs               Canterbury University, 2012
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary)                                                                                  Auckland Unitec, 2004
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences, Double Major in Psychology and Sociology                               Waikato University, 1991

Other Training & Education

  • NZ Sign Language, Adult Education, Dunedin and Tauranga, 2014
  • Te Ara Reo Maori (Level 1), Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Tauranga, 2004
  • Note-taking for the Deaf, Kelston Deaf Education Centre, Auckland, 1994
Erin & Mark

Erin & Mark with a proof read copy of ‘Bernard Winton Johns – Five Decades of his Architecture’

Fabulous Feedback!

We received this wonderful email from Mr C. Reed of Wellington recently and felt we had to share it with our audience and fans:

I saw the book about Bernard Johns advertised in the Wellington College magazine (I am an old boy) and obtained a copy. I have recently finished reading it – a great read – and noticed the request for information about other buildings designed by Bernard.

In 1947 or 1948 my parents bought the house at 8 Lemnos Avenue from Walter Norwood and we shifted from our then home at 34 Morehouse Avenue in Wadestown where we had lived throughout World War II. Actually, we swapped houses with the Norwood’s with some monetary adjustment being made.

My father turned the attached garage at 8 Lemnos Avenue into a home theatre and built three garages on the front boundary, rather spoiling the look of the property, I thought. However the garage was a very practical addition for the family as we had three cars.

I lived in the Lemnos Avenue house until I married in 1961. I was fascinated by the design of the Lemnos house so, in 1960, I approached Bernard to enquire if he would design a house for my wife and I and he agreed to do this.

I had obtained a section at 16 Chamberlain Road, Karori. It had previously been a tennis court belonging to the people who lived at 14 Chamberlain Road. Bernard designed and supervised the erection of a modest little house for my wife and I. It was completed towards the end of 1961. It had three bedrooms, lounge, dining room, extensive entranceway, hall and stairs, a kitchen, laundry, double garage and workshop. Two rooms featured bay windows. Most rooms had built in fittings including a marble fireplace with extensive shelves and a wall of cupboards and bookcases in the lounge, a very large china cabinet in the dining room, extensive cupboards and draws in the kitchen, laundry and main bedroom.

The house was built by H. J. Buck who lived in an adjoining house at the back of the property – a back section off Parkvale Road. Today, the house cannot be seen very well from the road as there is extensive vegetation blocking the view.

We were delighted with our home and only moved out when our forth child arrived leaving us insufficient sleeping space.

We got to know and respect Bernard over a period of more than a year and often think of the times we spent together designing and building our first home.


Colin Reed – Churton Park, Wellington

2 February 2016


Lemnos Ave, Karori, Wellington

Ted Ponders – Coffee


So much inspired writing takes place in coffee shops these days that you have to wonder if the global coffee culture is having an effect on how we view the world.

From JK Rowling bringing us wondrous wizardly tales to the pure evil and complex machinations of the devious criminal minds that inhabit Scandinavian crime novels, is there some ‘X’ factor in that delicious brew that inspires writers and takes them on their various flights of fancy?

Or is it the new pastime of ‘people watching’ that so many of us indulge in? Surreptitiously observing people and imagining what their lives must be like over the rim of an innocuous coffee cup – how many novels have sprung from such whimsy?

The constant chatter of the various disparate groups congregating around cheap tables sipping on their own favoured variation of that coca bean product, giving the author a continuous parade of prospective characters, with which to dwell within the pages of the tale being typed on their laptop.

Snatches of conversation and tid-bits of information overheard perhaps providing the inspiration to overcome that momentary writing block and let the fingers continue their merry keyboard dance again.

Inspired and stimulated by the caffeine muse can be all the motivation we writers and creators need, so take that coffee break without any guilt – you just never know where you and your character may end up……