‘Scorpions In Stilettos’ – They’ve Arrived!

We are so excited at how great the three books look together, we are offering a special third book promo with a $5 discount for Scorpions In Stilettos for any orders placed by email up to the 15th June. That means your copy is only $24.99 plus P&P (I’ll confirm the rates by email with you before despatch).

This labour of love has been a two and a half year project between Hinemura Ellison and Ted D Hughes who are both rapt with the final result and are now off to celebrate at a writers retreat up north. Where they have something brewing, but they haven’t let me in on it just yet.

Place your orders direct through us for your copy of Scorpions In Stilettos, the triumphant final book in the Trinity Trilogy at:


With the promo code ‘Flat White’ in the header for a $5 discount. Hear from you soon!

Dawn Service With a Difference – ANZAC 2020

Every April 25th, Kiwi’s and Aussies around the globe remember those that came before them and the sacrifices that they made, not only on the beach of Gallipoli but around the world, in the name of freedom.

This year is the first year that ANZAC ceremonies have been cancelled – ever!

But instead of gathering together at the many memorial spots around the country, this year we chose to acknowledge their memories by gathering at the end of our driveways.

Neighbours marking their silent respect at dawn, some wearing their own sailors cap or army beret, recalling the Ode of Remembrance:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Get the Lowdown on the Trinity Trilogy!

Interview: Hinemura Ellison and Ted D. Hughes

BD: Kia ora Ted, congratulations on releasing Scorpions In Stilettos your third and final story in your Trinity Trilogy series.  Well done.

T: Why thank you kind sir. It’s been a ride.

BD: I hear you and Mu are ‘hunkered up’ already composing the next series. But first things first. Couple of questions.

T: Sure, fire away

BD: So, naturally I have read the first two books Sharks With Lipstick and Snakes In Suits. Such great titles, how on earth did you come up with the names?

T: Well, you know how it is when you are in the zone as a writer you get all these characters shouting at you just wanting to be heard. And when you listen closely, you hear what a few of them have to say…

BD: I see, do go on…

T: Well Sharks With Lipstick actually is quite an apt name for all the folk, both female and male that we have met in our lives when working in the ‘corporate’ world. They are usually people who feel they have a lot of power, normally in managerial positions and they are so keen to get to the top, that they will trample on anyone who gets in their way. They are on a one-way mission and that is to reach the dizzying heights of the top rung of the corporate ladder and nothing and no-one will stop them.

BD: Hmm they sound like nasty ‘pieces of work’ if you excuse the pun.

T: Just this once! But seriously, believe me when I say, that while working in corporate or government whether I was on the high or low rung on the ladder, I always observed various ‘Sharks’. I’ve seen and heard from other colleagues and friends, that there seems to be an increasing number of ‘Sharks’ with ‘lipstick.’ But I don’t want to sound sexist so I will pass you over to Hinemura if you don’t mind.

BD: Mu, kia ora, thanks for joining us. How are you bearing up at this time of Covid-19? It’s a biggie isn’t it? Are you tucked away in your bubble?

H: Tēnā koe, we’re all good in our little bubble. I am loving the isolation actually it’s like being on an extended writers’ retreat at home! It’s given me plenty of time to get stuck into my blog.

BD: Congratulations on hitting the big ‘100 posts’ – a great milestone. So tell me what’s with this Sharks with Lipstick? Who are they? Do they really exist?

H: Oh yes they certainly do! Humans are multifaceted individuals and we females do get a bad wrap for being seen as complex and at times flighty and feisty. But wouldn’t the world be boring if we were one-dimensional all the time.

BD: Boring indeed!

H: We are much more exciting than that, being a bit of this and a bit of that. I believe we are all a product of our past. Some of the wounds are well hidden and some we have exposed and are now healing well. But the Shark With Lipstick in particular we refer to has not done herself any favours. She has gone out and humiliated just about everyone she has ever met. She is on a mission to destroy and ‘slice and dice’ as many people as she can in the work force, in the hope of impressing someone higher up the ladder.

BD: Hmm remind me to keep away from this sort! So the second title Snakes in Suits, how did that come about?

T: Well again another prominent profession out there is the property developer or the real estate agent. Now don’t get me wrong like in any profession you have the good guys, the bad guys and the in between guys. So I am not saying ALL property developers are shysters but the ones in this book are.

BD: They certainly sound like a bunch of crooks. Do they resemble anyone in real life? Sounds like you may have had a run in with one or two?

T: No, I haven’t personally but like you I read a lot of the long form journalism and talk to our journalist friends, as well as attending meetings and being of Maori descent I have been to a lot of tribal meetings and hui where land has been discussed. And at times it ain’t that pretty when certain characters and properties and agendas along with dodgy MO’s get exposed. So to answer your question although based on true stories, only similar threads are in our book.

H: I would like to add a bit here, it really is more about our imagination, although sometimes the characters talk to us and we can’t ignore them. It’s like someone or something out there wants their story to be told and if we are in the fortunate position of being the portal, that can write what they say, then that’s what we do.

T: And if we can have a laugh or two, along with a murder mystery interwoven here and there with true friendship that stands the test of the time… well then everyone is a winner.

BD: Don’t we all need real support, friendship and a sense of community right now and Freya in Snakes In Suits certainly portrays that. I love it and in a little sleepy seaside suburb near the big smoke of Wellington. I loved how a real sense of family and friendship and community came through in her story.

H: I think now with this Covid-19 that even the most unlikely people and strangers are being a lot more compassionate and kinder than ever. The vibes out there are really rising.

BD: So the title Scorpions In Stilettos, who wants to spill on that? Mu are you a Scorpion in Stilettos?

H: Hell no, and I never was ‘back in the day’. I do remember when I first lived in Wellington, stilettos were in fashion and I used to put them on when I left my flat and wobble all the way down the hill to the Newtown Zoo bus stop, hobble onto the bus and off again and by the time I got to my day job my feet were over it. No I don’t do stilettos and I am certainly not a Scorpion.

T: Ha, ha! Scorpions In Stilettos we just came up with that name over a drink or two one night, we had done Sharks, then Snakes and were trying to think of another word beginning with S, and came up with Scorpions. Then saw someone hobbling down the street like Mu used to and it hit us.

BD: And dare I ask where would I find a Scorpion In Stilettos? Do they really exist? Or just in your imagination?

H: They certainly do exist. They are usually a ‘Power House’ on wheels, they storm the corridors and meeting rooms of their offices. Can be passive aggressive, smiling sweetly to the powers that be and some are just plain 24/7 aggressive.

T: We humans all have flaws so sometimes what you see is not what you get, underneath. The third story is all about the third best friend Clara aka Flat White, and she appears to be a very strong determined career girl who ‘plays hard’ and ‘works hard’ and is perfect at everything she does. But you will find out that the façade is there for good reason and really underneath… something else entirely is going on. But I am not going to let the cat out of the bag.

BD: So speaking of ‘Cat’ the HR Director in Sharks With Lipstick. What does happen to her? I am intrigued. I thought the case had been solved in book one, but then it comes up again.

H: Well that would be telling, wouldn’t it? I guess you will just have to read the third and final book and all will be revealed. The love interests, the murder mystery…

BD: I find it ironic that you talk about a ‘natural disaster’ and how everyone rallies around together as a result in your trilogy. Exactly what is happening right now. Maybe everyone will start listening to Sven now and her words of wisdom about slowing down, really looking hard at how ‘busy’ you are, chill and be mindful. We all need a bit of that right now.

Well hearing how the three title names came about was really interesting. My partner read the first book and loved the humour so much she chose it for her forthcoming Book Club meeting.

H: That’s great feedback, I have put Book Club questions up on my blog https://hinemuramusings.wordpress.com/

so people can log in and use the questions for their own book club meetings. I have just done a post on it saying our book club is going ahead we are just doing them virtually at the moment. You see Sven was also ahead of her time pushing the ‘work from home’ policy as everyone is doing that now.

T: Yes bring it on, working from home… love it, in fact it is giving us time to conjure up the next series, the characters are already talking to us, in fact some of them are in Scorpions In Stilettos

BD: Now you have got me going! Well time is up, but it’s been great to speak with you two again and glad you are creating something positive out of this uncertain time here in ‘Lockdown’ Aotearoa.

Ka kite anō

Time to Choose – Will We Rise or Fall?

A time of transition

In these tumultuous times we live in, humanity has the choice to rise to the challenge or collapse into chaos.

Fortunately in New Zealand/Aotearoa, our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has made the hard call and the nation is in full ‘Lockdown’.

For most of us freedom loving Kiwi’s, being essentially under house arrest with only a few exceptions, is particularly difficult. Only essential trips to the local supermarket, chemist or doctor allowed.

However, with more time on our hands, that endless ‘to do’ list of chores is slowly being whittled down and those DYI projects are getting a dust off. The lawns done and the gardens about to get a make over.

My ‘To Read’ pile of books on the bedside table is getting a wee bit smaller, and I’ve also managed to find a couple of numerology and theosophy books I’d misplaced that I want to study as well.

Along with plenty of time to catch up on those movies and tele programmes (especially those Scandi thrillers) that ‘everyone’ keeps talking about, there are also those YouTube clips that friends suggest via social media.

Even a bit of writing or journalling taking place. I heard that Shakespeare wrote King Lear, while he was in self isolation, when a plague was doing it’s rounds in his time! Not that I will be writing anything of his standard!

Some of the additional health benefits that we are incorporating into our day are extra meditation, Taichi and walking.

Even social distancing from friendly neighbours!

Getting out of the house is a great way of staying sane, although we now take the precautions of taking masks and gloves with us. As it’s difficult to be socially distant with an over-friendly cat who just wants a pat, and sometimes there are quite a number of walkers out at the same time.

Weathering the ‘Lockdown’

Our neighbourhood, like many around the country, has started putting Teddy Bears and other soft toys in windows for the neighbourhood children to spot and count.

Even the Bears are keeping safe

“That’s a bit naff” I can hear some of you say. But after putting our bears in the window, I overheard a young family stop outside the house and a young boy excitedly pointing out to his sister the ‘new bears’.

Needless to say, there was a lump in my chest and a suspiciously leaky eye I had to deal with.

So let your love and light shine out in any way you can, a wave and cheery hello to the neighbourhood walkers and residents. An offer to collect groceries for an elderly neighbour, or to take out their trash/rubbish bin. Even a Bear in the window.

Our bears waving…

We may never meet these people that our actions touch again, but at least we are spreading some love and light amongst the continuous darkness that the media coverage of the ‘dire’ predicament the world is currently in, portrays.

So will you rise the the challenge?

It's Out! Scorpions In Stilettos is available now.

Clara, AKA Flat White, reveals her side of the story.

The final book in the Trinity Trilogy is available now on Amazon, for you to enjoy – coming hard on the success of Snakes In Suits, Hinemura and Ted have pulled out all stops to have Scorpions In Stilettos ready for you in only four months!

Clara comes out of her shell and leaves her besties Sven and Freya shocked more than once, while she sees more than is healthy for any average public servant.

Looking for anything to fill the emptiness in her life, Clara crashes and burns spectacularly as she searches for love, truth, community and the real meaning of friendship.

Here’s the blurb:

Caught in a compromising position, Clara AKA Flat White, the classy, conservative career girl of the Trinity Trio, struggles as her carefully constructed life comes crashing down around her.

Juggling a complicated love life, a career with bullying managers, a domineering mother and her own demons from the past, may be just a little too much even for her.

Can Clara recover and navigate her way back with the help of her friends?

Click on the link below for your Kindle copy, the print version will be out later tonight:

Local copies available for purchase from the Bach Doctor Press soon!

‘Social Distancing’ and other forms of ‘Newspeak’

How are you coping as the whole world moves widely into the ‘new normal’ of dealing with the flow on effects from the coronavirus pandemic?

We are all being effected in some way, whether it is the lack of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, pain killers or other basic grocery items that we have all taken for granted.

To the social distancing isolation policies that are sweeping our society in it’s many forms, e.g. tourists being quarantined, doctors seeing patients in the medical centre car park; cafes, bars and restaurants closing, cruise ships being turned away and sporting, music and literary events being cancelled.

The popularity of the zombie apocalypse genre of movies and books is probably also feeding into the panic buying as unschooled ‘preppers’ waste their money on toilet paper.

Okay, and the world financial markets may be in free fall, but to be fair, they have been overdue for a correction for a decade now.

However, it is not all doom and gloom!

Collectively, we can still maintain social connectivity through various social media.

Stay positive and strong, don’t panic and look out for our neighbours. After all, it is the strength of our diverse communities that will help us all to survive.

And of course, you may get a chance to get stuck into that good collection of unread books on the bedside table!

So join Goodreads, and share what you are reading with your friends and let us take a leaf out of the Italian’s book, where they are having neighbourhood sing-a-longs from their apartment windows. (Not that you would want to her ME singing!)

Mandy Hager On The Evil Politicians Do

Reproducing this with kind permission from the President of the NZSA, Mandy Hager. An article from the Kāpiti Independent News today.

Mandy Hager On The Evil Politicians Do

The questions that keep me awake at night . . . 

As a writer of fiction, I spend my days thinking myself into the heads of others, in order to understand their values and motivations.

Over the years, I’ve placed myself in the minds of unhappy teens, colonised populations, cult victims, 12th century French nuns and misogynist philosophers, rabble rousers, environmental activists and even orca! 

But, try as I might, I can’t understand the people who have systematically pillaged our environment and natural resources, and who continue to feed the flames of climate denial and do everything in their power to halt mitigation measures in their tracks.

What future can they imagine?

Believe me I’ve tried. I’ve asked myself what they must think as they look at their children and grandchildren and imagine their futures?

Have they so thoroughly insulated themselves that they believe they will somehow be immune to the horrors downstream?

Perhaps they have.

Perhaps they think their underground bunkers, excessive hoarding of wealth, total emotional disconnection from the suffering of ordinary people, or dreams of escaping to Mars, will protect them?

But what do they tell themselves when they know that millions of people will be displaced, die terrible deaths, starve, dehydrate, burn, drown, and be caught up in the conflicts that will inevitably erupt? How does someone justify this to themselves? I truly don’t know.

Are our politicians exempt?

It would be easy to dismiss these worries on the grounds that they are the few — the one percent — and that our own politicians, in our safe little country, hold the lives and futures of their constituents in much higher regard. But do they? 

As the election year kicks in and our political parties start to position themselves, what is one to make of people who continue to back fossil fuels and intensive, agro-led farming over the health, wellbeing and futures of our young people?

The dollar signs that blind

Do they truly believe this is the right path? Do they truly think that somehow they, in their great estimation, know more about the climate and the health of our natural systems than those who have spent their lives becoming experts in their fields? 

Or do they only see as far as the dollar signs that blight their eyes?    

And what are we to make of people who announce themselves as upright citizens, yet undermine our democracy with misinformation, attacks, dirty money and lies?

Do they look at themselves in the mirror and see virtue? Really truly? If so, how did we create such people? And why do we privilege them with representing us, when it’s clear they’re only representing the interests of a chosen few?

Or what of those who hold themselves as better than another person, another race, another gender, another belief system?

Do they ever question whether they might have got it wrong? Or those who withhold information from police, when they know someone has committed an appalling crime?

What goes on in their heads? And how did our society do such a terrible job of socialising and educating our citizens, that they could possibly think that leaving a four-year-old boy with permanent brain damage, or raping and killing a young woman, or setting your children and ex-wife alight, is something they can countenance?

Kindness, compassion and those who sneer

When our Prime Minister speaks of kindness, and models her compassion for the world to see, what is going on in the minds of those who sneer and call it posturing, as if it doesn’t reflect the core values of the country they were raised in? What’s hardened them? What’s made them so angry and ideologically driven that they can spew out hate and feel secure in doing so?

I don’t have these answers. I find I can’t even begin to understand. But I do know that if we allow these kinds of destructive behaviours to continue to infect our politics and decision-making, and/or our day-to-day lives, we’re well and truly fucked.

Head down… B#m up…

I’ve just got off the phone with Hinemura Ellison and Ted Hughes receiving an update on their final book in the Trinity Trilogy, Scorpions In Stilettos, centring around the third friend Clara James AKA Flat White.

Comes hard on the heels of Snakes In Suits, book three will be heading to the copy editor this Friday!

Initial sketches of ideas for the cover are being discussed and will be sent to the cover artist Michelle Connor next week so she can work her magic.

When will Book Three be released? Not long now to wait, we are aiming for mid March but we will let you know closer to the time for the actual date.

If you haven’t enjoyed the madness, mayhem and fun yet, either contact us at:


for your copy of Sharks With Lipstick and Snakes In Suits or order them online:

Overcoming Back to Work Blues…

How are you feeling on the eve before many of us head back to work, after the holiday season?

Checking clothing still fits after over-indulging at the festive table?

Making sure your boots or shoes are at least clean or maybe need a touch of nugget?

If you are charging up the work phone and laptop after they have been switched off, don’t be tempted to start scrolling through the hundreds of emails and missed calls… surely they can wait until tomorrow?

Well, you are not alone. Many people are feeling the same way!

The good news for you all, is that our writers have been working every day you’ve been on holiday! Knocking their next projects into shape just for YOU!

Image may contain: text

Keep an eye open for our exciting new releases this year from Hinemura Ellison, Ted Hughes, M.W. Innes-Jones, and Virginia Innes-Jones – their work you are sure to enjoy.

If you haven’t already, check out our Authors and Books tab, for their current releases. Either way, reading is the best way to escape!

Sleep Deprivation!

Welcome to the New Year from the Bach Doctor team!

What book has been keeping you sleep deprived these holidays?

I’ve been editing the first act of Hinemura and Ted’s final book in their Trinity Trilogy – Scorpions in Stilettos.

What a treat!

Obviously I can’t say too much, however you will discover more about Clara James aka Flat White that will both surprise and shock you.

I’ll let you know more as we get closer to publication.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already read the first two books and are looking for an emotional and fun read, grab yourself a copy of Sharks with Lipstick and Snakes in Suits.